Who We Are


MacGregor Jamee Limited is a commercial consultancy firm that helps organisations improve operational and financial performance. We work with businesses that need help to scale operational processes to get better financial results. We believe small and medium size New Zealand businesses should have access to highly skilled executives on a part-time and / or virtual basis.


Our areas of expertise are Special Project Chief Financial Officer Services, Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services, Business Mentoring, Leadership Coaching and Business Consultancy Services.


MacGregor Jamee Limited offers services to all organisations (big and small) on a flexible basis. We offer fully customised services for each client. MacGregor Jamee Limited focuses on listening and working with you to ensure your needs are met. We work in your organisation, partnering with you and your team.


MacGregor Jamee Limited can help your business or organisation to become more profitable or financially secure, to grow, to be operationally efficient and be more appealing to your customers.

Special Project CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services

Business Mentoring 

Leadership Coaching

Business Consultancy


What We Do


  • Chief Financial Officer Services

    Special project CFO, virtual CFO and part-time CFO services on a flexible basis

  • Chief Operating Officer Services

    Virtual COO and part-time COO services on a flexible basis

  • Strategy and Planning

    Strategic and operational planning. Board and organisational KPIs and reporting.

  • Mentoring and Coaching

    Business mentoring, leadership coaching, financial literacy.

  • Processes and Operations

    Business continuity planning, organisational process improvement and operating models to drive performance.

  • Transformation Projects

    Special projects, making and embedding change, operational reviews, business transformation.



Follow the links below to find out more about the services we offer. We look to provide fully customised services for each client. We offer competitive hourly and daily rates.

Virtual CFO Services

Committed / Hourly and Daily Rates
  • Free Business Health Check
  • Gain commercial insights and guidance on company decisions and issues
  • Grow the business or manage economic downturns
  • Peace of Mind
  • Only Pay for what you use

Mentoring Services

Supportive / Range of Packages
  • Free Business or Leadership Health Check
  • Think and operate strategically
  • Stay in business longer
  • Manage The Ups and Downs Of Business
  • Financial Literacy
  • 30 / 45 / 60 / 90 minute sessions

Special Project CFOs

Commercial / Hourly and Daily Rates
  • Free Insights Health Check
  • Strategy / Planning
  • Processes / Operations
  • Transformation
  • Embedding Change
  • Fixed Price Quotes



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% of Business Failures That Are Due To Poor Cashflow or Financial Management


% Of People Who Feel Their Confidence Has Improved From Being Mentored or Coached


% Of Directors Who Feel Business Compliance Issues And Costs Are Increasing