Chief Financial Officer and Business Advisory Services for SME Business Owners


Face the next 12 – 18 months with greater clarity and confidence

  • Find new revenue streams
  • Drive down costs
  • Make critical decisions using deep insights
  • Navigate challenging trading conditions
  • Manage business and financial risk

As a business leader, the next 12 to 18 months will be among the most challenging you face. At the same time, they are likely to present you with opportunities.

Some businesses will thrive. Some will survive. And some will stagnate and die.

And while nothing is guaranteed, odds are the businesses that survive or thrive will be the ones that sought – and acted upon – the right advice at the right time.

With 20+ years’ financial and commercial experience, a high skill set, and track record of delivering…

MacGregor Jamee can help you chart a course through the next 12 to 18 months and beyond.

Here’s why you may like to consider MacGregor Jamee.


  • Have 20+ years financial, corporate, commercial, and operational experience
  • Possess a track record of achieving results and implementing projects on time
  • Are highly experienced CFOs

We believe small and medium-size businesses should have access to the same expertise as large corporates.

And, so, we offer SME/SMB owners or executives these high calibre services on an “as needed” basis. 

CFOs (Chief Financial Officers)

Part-Time (Virtual) CFO’s for SME Business Owners – access expert help on an “as needed basis”.  You get the benefit of CFO level strategy, insights, and project execution without having to pay a full-time CFO’s salary.  

Business Mentors / Advisors

Would you like to develop your business but aren’t sure where to start?  One on one commercial guidance from a Business Mentor may be the answer.  Mentoring provides personal coaching to business leaders to help them feel more in control and harness their businesses potential.  

By “as needed” we mean on a part-time or a project basis that lets you…

Access the skill and expertise of a top CFO and COO without having to pay a full-time salary.

That’s right, you can access insights, analysis, and business transformation skills – that could be the difference between your business surviving or sinking – as and when you need (and can afford) them.

As a business owner this means you get access to:

  • An experienced “sounding board” with whom to discuss ideas and strategy
  • A business partner who can aid in presentations to or negotiations with your board, bankers, shareholders, and suppliers
  • A confidante who can be privy to information you may not wish to share with other parties
  • Deep insight driven analysis that lets you plan with greater accuracy and clarity
  • An experienced professional who will develop your finance/accounting team’s capability
  • Commercial insights and guidance on critical company decisions and issues

For your business this can translate into tangible results such as:

  • New sales and revenue streams
  • Reduced financial risk and better internal controls
  • Lower costs and/or improved cost control
  • A more profitable business model
  • Improved cash flow
  • Access to additional capital, or a reduction in debt
  • Increased shareholder value or return on investment
  • Improved operational performance
  • Implementation of short, medium, and long-term financial strategies


We typically work with owners of businesses that turnover between $2 million and $50 million per annum. Plus, senior executives from smaller government agencies. And directors, executives, and trustees of charities and not for profit organisations. 

Helping them to get better tangible business results, but also to feel more in control of their organisation and optimistic about its future.


We are especially well placed to help those who are: 

  • Running a family business with a legacy to maintain.
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a business edge.
  • Friends or business partners who acquired a business or built one from scratch.
  • Business owners who are “under dogs” or battling larger competitors.
  • People who grew a business on the back of a skill.
  • Ex-corporate executives who are used to working with a CFO, know the value they can create, and are looking for an affordable CFO option.

Would you like to face the next 12 to 18 months with greater clarity and confidence?


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To access the quality of CFO, COO and mentoring and leadership expertise often only available to large corporates, contact Fiona Harnett, MacGregor Jamee’s Director, for a confidential discussion.

When you speak to Fiona you can either:

Arrange to have a free, no obligation business finance “health check” where we uncover where you can increase revenue, reduce risk, and improve your finance and accounting strategy. 

Or we can discuss a specific project, problem or result you already have in mind.

If it’s the latter, when you are ready to move forward, we offer flexible contracts and fees:

  • Our business model focuses on low overheads
  • You only pay for the hours you use
  • There are no fixed term contracts – you are free to start and stop as required
  • Our contracts include fixed priced quotes
  • We offer special rates for charities and not for profit organisations.
  • Price negotiations are available for long term assignments

Ready to access the sort of high-calibre advice often only available to large corporates?

We have 20+ years commercial, business finance, and operations experience.

To access expert help, contact Fiona Harnett today on 09 5255735 or e-mail

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Face the next 12 - 18 months with greater clarity and confidence

Arrange to have a free, no obligation business finance “health check” where we uncover where you can increase revenue, reduce risk, and improve your finance and accounting strategy. 

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