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CFO’s to Lead and Deliver Business Transformation Projects

Is your SME/SMB going through a period of change?

Or does it need to go through a period of change?

If so, a Special Project CFO may be your key to success.

Special Project CFO’s plan and implement vital business transformation projects.

These include:

  • Revenue generation strategies
  • Cost and debt reduction initiatives
  • Capital raising/re-financing
  • Creating new (more profitable) business models
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Reducing business and financial risk

And more…

Going through a period of change?

In short, initiatives that help your business grow, adjust to growing pains, and adapt to changing market and economic conditions.

You may be wondering: do you really need a CFO to do this for you?

Can’t your existing finance and accounting team manage projects like these?

Most companies’ in-house teams do a great job managing day to day accounting needs.

However: planning and successfully implementing change involves more than accounting.

It requires people management, project management, commercial, and operational experience.

A good CFO has this skill set… including experience leading large, complex transformation projects.

For example, MacGregor Jamee CFO’s have led and implemented projects that:

  • Generated an extra $27 million in cashflow (by reducing aged debt over 60 days by 10%)
  • Delivered a Finance/HR software implementation 24% under budget
  • Saved a company $11.5 million (by simplifying 120+ processes and 200+ procedures)
  • Lifted employee engagement from 55% to 74%
  • Held costs constant for three years while managing 6% year on year volume growth

Now, your SME/SMB may not be on the same scale as the examples listed above. But, for the right company, we can deliver similar “pro-rata” results based on your businesses’ size and turnover.

What’s more, our clients find we deliver lasting, long-term benefits beyond the project result itself.

By working hands on with your team, we:

  • Give them methods and approaches to improve insights and provide commercial guidance
  • Ensure your business operates with the right dashboards and reports
  • Lift business partnering within your finance team and help them provide greater insight

Would you like to achieve these sorts of tangible results for your business?

While, at the same time, developing your in-house finance and accounting team’s capability?

Would this allow you to approach the future with greater clarity and certainty?

If so, contact Fiona Harnett, MacGregor Jamee’s Director, for a confidential discussion.

When you speak to Fiona you can either:

Arrange to have a free, no obligation business finance “health check” where we uncover where you can increase revenue, reduce risk, and improve your finance and accounting strategy.

Or we can discuss a specific project, problem or result you already have in mind.

If it’s the latter, when you are ready to move forward, we offer flexible contracts and fees.

  • Our business model focuses on low overheads
  • You only pay for the hours you use
  • There are no fixed term contracts – you are free to start and stop as required
  • Our contracts include fixed priced quotes
  • We offer special rates for charities and not for profit organisations.
  • Price negotiations are available for long term assignments

Ready to access the sort of high-calibre advice often only available to large corporates?

We have 20+ years commercial, business finance, and operations experience.

To access expert help, contact Fiona Harnett today on 09 5255735 or e-mail contact@macgregorjamee.co.nz.

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