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Virtual CFO (Part-time CFO) for SME Business Owners   


Virtual CFO or Part-time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) services let SME owners access expert help on an “as needed” basis.

You get the benefit of CFO level strategy, insights, and project execution skills without having to pay a full-time CFO’s salary.

It’s a tap you can turn on and off, allowing you to get high calibre help when you need it most.

If you haven’t worked with a Virtual CFO before, here are some tell tale signs now may be the time:

  • You want to kickstart or better manage growth
  • An economic downturn is having a negative impact on your profit and/or cashflow
  • Your business should be profitable – but isn’t, and you can’t pinpoint why
  • You need to raise capital, re-finance, or reduce debt

If one or more of these apply…

A MacGregor Jamee

Virtual CFO

or Part-time CFO 

can help resolve these issues and more.


Part-time CFO or Virtual CFO

We have the experience, skill, and know how to help business owners:

  • Find new revenue streams
  • Navigate challenging economic or market conditions
  • Manage growing pains
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Lower costs and improve cost control
  • Find a more profitable business model
  • Improve cash flow
  • Raise capital
  • Make critical decisions using deep insights and analysis
  • Avoid expensive mistakes

And more – the full list truly is extensive.

In short, we serve as a business partner, sounding board and trusted advisor to CEO’s and MD’s. Allowing them to make key decisions with more clarity and certainty. A Virtual CFO or Part-time CFO can be a real asset to your business.

So, the question is:

Do any of the challenges resonate with you?

Are you looking to grow revenue or reduce costs? Or, to plan ahead with greater confidence?

If you are, here’s why you may like to consider MacGregor Jamee’s Virtual CFO or Part-time CFO services.


  • Have 20+ years financial, corporate, commercial, and operational experience
  • Possess a track record of achieving results and implementing projects on time
  • Are highly experienced Virtual CFOs 


If you are ready to access the sort of high calibre help often only available to large corporates, contact Fiona Harnett, MacGregor Jamee’s Director, today.

When you speak to Fiona, you may like to arrange a free, no obligation business “health check”.

This is a business finance and operations strategy session.

It pinpoints ways in which you can grow your business and where your finance and accounting functions need to be strengthened.

Or you may be ready to discuss a specific project, problem or result you already have in mind.

About Us



Free, no obligation business “health check”

If it’s the latter, when you are ready to move forward, we offer flexible contracts and fees:

  • Our business model focuses on low overheads
  • You only pay for the hours you use
  • There are no fixed term contracts – you are free to start and stop as required
  • Our contracts include fixed priced quotes
  • We offer special rates for charities and not for profit organisations.
  • Price negotiations are available for long term assignments

So, if you are ready to access expert help, contact Fiona Harnett today on 09 5255735 or e-mail contact@macgregorjamee.co.nz.

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