Leadership Coaching for CEO’s, Managing Directors and Business Owners

Want to harness your potential or the potential of your organisation, but not sure how?

The key may be leadership or executive coaching.

Coaching isn’t just for elite athletes.  It can also give business leaders an edge over their peers and competition.

As a business leader you face challenging times.

There are constant daily demands, challenging colleagues or peers, aggressive competitors, disruptive and unpredictable global events, and increasing pressure on the bottom line.

And even during good times, it can be lonely and difficult in a leadership role.

Which is where and why leadership coaching can help.

It supports leaders – CEOs, GM’s, and People Leaders – to harness the potential of people to achieve outstanding business outcomes, feel in control, and manage the demands of multiple stakeholders.

You are likely to benefit from leadership coaching if you:

  • Want to take your leadership skills (and career) to the next level
  • Would like to discuss business or career concerns with an impartial, experienced peer
  • Wish to improve your team’s performance and capability
  • Would like to grow your confidence and reputation
  • Face complex business challenges that are proving difficult to solve or plan for.

Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching can help give you an edge.

Leadership Coaching and Executive Coaching can help give you an edge in these areas:

  • Strategy and planning: operate more strategically, create growth and risk plans.
  • High-level thinking: get new insights about yourself and your team, broaden your thinking.
  • Leadership: discover your leadership style, motivate your team, leverage your strengths.
  • Communication: enhance your communications skills, manage issues with difficult people.
  • Mindset: be more resilient, manage imposter syndrome, gain confidence and self-awareness.
  • Career advancement: expand the breadth and depth of your leadership skills.

MacGregor Jamee has the credentials and background to help you with these personal and organisational development areas – and more.

We have deep experience in the fields of:

  • Leadership: 20+ years senior leadership experience in large, well-known businesses.
  • People management: including managing teams of up to 400 people.
  • Organisational management: including culture change and process improvement.
  • Project management: new technology, system, and process implementation.
  • Corporate finance: senior level Chief Financial Officer experience.
  • Strategy: setting finance and revenue generation strategies.
  • Governance and risk management: reducing risk and improving control and auditing.

In short, we have a portfolio of corporate and commercial success and experience that means we are qualified to offer genuine, practical advice to today’s SME owners and leaders.

Could leadership or executive coaching be the missing ingredient that gives you an edge?

To find out for sure, contact Fiona Harnett, MacGregor Jamee’s Director, today.

We offer free, no obligation coaching sessions that let you judge the quality and value of our coaching for yourself.

Beyond this, our coaching packages are tailored to your specific role, needs and career stage.

They cover leadership, executive, CEO, and career coaching. Plus, coaching for women in leadership, and aspiring leaders.

We offer special rates for charities and not for profit organisations. And price negotiations are available for coaching teams or organisations.

For more information or to arrange your free no obligation leadership coaching session contact Fiona today on 09 5255735 or e-mail contact@macgregorjamee.co.nz.

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